"Set inside a notebook, Pencil Peril is a platformer for two people. A player controls the character, who must cross the map in search of the treasure. The other player controls the map itself, since he is outraged at not being able to win a trophy." 

Caderneta Nerd


  • Carlos Lennon (game design)
  • Lukas de Paiva (animation)
  • Maurício Ramalho (sound and music)
  • Wesley Ronald (programming)

Local Game Jam:


IMD 14/12/1018

EPoJam 2018


  • I am on the Map: incorporate a legend, myth or attraction of the region into your game or refer to the EPo Jam or other game developed on the site.
  • Mixed Salad: Your game has at least 2 mechanics of different genres. For example, combinations of race, puzzle, platform, etc.
  • Bird, what sound is this ?: Some musical instrument was used to create the sounds or a soundtrack of the game.
  • Hello, Testing: the audio of your game must be done by capturing the sound of objects or people from the site.
  • Clown: Your game presents different art styles. For example, pixel art, vector, black and white drawing, colored drawing, etc.
  • Let the games begin: your game has local multiplayer.
  • Basic Basics: You should not need to hear or distinguish cores to play.
  • One hand washes the other: you like to help people. Participate in creating more than one game.
  • Mom, I'm on TV: On Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc. Use the hashtags: "epojam2018" or "pongrn".


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[EN-US] [Windows-64bit] Pencil Peril 0.5.3.zip 28 MB
[EN-US] [Windows-32bit] Pencil Peril 0.5.3.zip 25 MB
[EN-US] [Linux-64bit] Pencil Peril 0.5.3.zip 31 MB
[EN-US] [Linux-32bit] Pencil Peril 0.5.3.zip 30 MB
[EN-US] [MacOS-64bit] Pencil Peril 0.5.3.app.zip 31 MB
[PT-BR] [Windows-64bit] Risco em Grafite 0.5.3.zip 28 MB
[PT-BR] [Windows-32bit] Risco em Grafite 0.5.3.zip 25 MB
[PT-BR] [Linux-64bit] Risco em Grafite 0.5.3.zip 31 MB
[PT-BR] [Linux-32bit] Risco em Grafite 0.5.3.zip 30 MB
[PT-BR] [MacOS-64bit] Risco em Grafite 0.5.3.app.zip 31 MB
Pencil Peril Theme.mp3 1 MB

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you could charge money for this


(1 edit) (+1)

this game is fun and all but theres a glitch where if u are in a tight place if u spam jump u get this weird ass error sound


good xd this game is art 


We was near the start a fight with my brother, anyways really a good game. The music is my new ringtone.

My brother:I hate the spike balls. JK Good game too.

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Its a well crafted game with a nice concept.Music is umm... bizzare (in a good way). Fun Game to play!


this is amazing


Credit to Maurício Ramalho for the ... uh... great music

Hey I'm playing with my little brother and he keeps getting boared because he can use the same tricks to keep me reptely please give more control to player 1 so it dosn't get boring for player 2 \

thank you


I played it where I used the turning ability to help myself


the music and sound effects are great!


I love this game! rotating the world is a great concept!


The concept and atmosphere are both really cool and interesting! My partner and I enjoyed competing-slash-cooperating to clear the levels. Thanks for making such a great game!


the concept is amazing, and good Level design ^^ , Fun sound. 


the concept is amazing

(1 edit) (+3)

Great game. I personally liked it very much.


thank you very much


I Played with an old friend of mine and we had some good fun, Thanks for making the game, my friend and I are going to post videos of the game: 


Thanks for playing our game. take a look at the new updates on our game jolt page: https://gamejolt.com/games/PencilPeril/385157


Such a fun game i can really see the potential for this to be big i did a 3 free game's videos i hope that.s ok 


Thanks, next time try to use the buttons to rotate the map, the game was made in a JAM of 48hs.